“ Go forth and multiply.

The most expensive and venerable art may be at Frieze but the best back stories are at Moniker. Now in its third year, the fair that started as a showcase for street art has evolved into a vitrine for, in the words of co-director Kristophe Hofford, “contemporary artists with urban roots”. The result is an assembly united by a desire to rebel. A century after Duchamp, one might argue that a longing to conform would be the mark of a truly revolutionary artist. Nevertheless, several of Moniker’s gang genuinely stray into uncharted and sometimes perilous territory.

Take Vermibus, the 25-year-old Majorca-born artist who shows with Open Walls Gallery in Berlin. Using a set of skeleton keys, he unlocks the vitrines protecting glossy fashion posters and dissolves the models’ contours with white spirit.”

Words: Rachel Spence in Financial Times October 13 / October 14 2012