1st – 15th of August, 2015

pain 1

“Why is that all men who are outstanding
in philosophy, poetry or the arts are melancholic?” Aristotle

PAIN / TING is curated with the idea in mind that art is something that only exists during the process of making it. Either because the artist is too young and lack of experience, or too experienced and full of questions art making is a painful process and pain is something every artist express in a very different way.

To promote this debate, 19 Karen Contemporary Art Gallery, has invited 22 artists, both emerging and established, to participate in this visual debate offering a wide range of works and interpretations. PAIN / TING is curated with the idea that the creative process is directly connected to a suffering state. By Juan Arata in conjunction with 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Australia.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS (in alphabetical order)

Blo (France- based in Berlin) / Jason Bryant (USA) / James Bullough (USA – based in Berlin) / Richard Denny (Australia) / Esther Erlich (Australia) / Danny Figueroa, aka Wesr (Peru – based in Berlin) / Filthy the Bear (Australia) / Melissa Hartley (Australia) / Kate McCarthy (Australia) / Yosi Messiah (Australia) / Jennifer Mondfrans (USA) / Jaybo Monk (Berlin) / James Reka (Australia based in Berlin) / Johnny Romeo (Australia) / Ben Sheers (Australia) / Skount (Spain – based in Netherlands) / Go Suga (Australia) / Clare Toms (Australia) / Twoone – Hiroyasu Tsuri (Japan based in Berlin) / Dan Withey (Australia) / Guim Tio Zarraluki (Spain) / Juan Arata (Argentina – based in Berlin) /

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