Alaniz · Vantage Point Interview

“Alaniz is something like Batman… in the cover of night he sneaks out into the city to fight against the crime of boring walls using a variety of hand-made tools designed specifically for his extreme needs. Known for his enormous roller paintings painted with custom extension poles reaching upwards of 50 feet or more, Alaniz has managed to transform the previously unreachable walls of Berlin into his own personal playground scrawling heavily charged images of defiance and street justice as well as love and tenderness. As his work progresses over the years a more delicate and deliberate quality has emerged but the power and force remains. The man himself has a motor like a race car and a personality that seems to be cranked up to eleven at all times so it may be wise to keep your eyes on this guy… we’ve probably only just scratched the surface with him so far.”

Vantage Point had the chance to interview Berlin most wanted street artist.